About me

My name is Jordi Casacuberta Puig. I am an aeronautical engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia with a MSc of aerodynamics and wind energy in TU Delft. I am interested in fluid mechanics and OpenFOAM, and for this reason I carried out this project.

My Bachelor Thesis was entitled "Study of fluid dynamics applications in the field of engineering by using OpenFOAM". Its first part contains the guide shown in this website, and its second part consists of a modellization of blood dynamics in the thoracic aorta and a study of the relationship between the shear stress that blood causes to aorta walls and medical diseases.

I decided to share the OpenFOAM guide with all of you, aiming to help beginners overcome the initial OpenFOAM difficulties and make start-up easier.

Thus, the purpose of this website is to help all those who wish to introduce themselves to OpenFOAM and hence want to acquire a basic background to face with future and thrilling cases. 




My other passions are sport, history, travelling and Nietzsche.